The Networked Teacher

After my last post, I continued to reflect on my understanding of PLN’s. I came to realise that anyone we interact with can be a part of our Personal Learning Networks; they have existed and continued to grow gradually year after year without us even realising!

I have come across the image below a number of times over the last two and a half years of my degree. I always thought it painted a teacher’s network quite accurately, but had never before linked this image to the idea of a Personal Learning Network. After reading Sakamoto’s (2012) article, as discussed in my previous post, I really was led to expand my thinking surrounding just how complex PLN’s can be. For example, do the families of our students have a place in this network? Surely they do. And what about curriculum documents and popular media? What are your thoughts?

networked teacher

The Networked Teacher

Couros, A. (2008). Networked teacher diagram – Update [Image]. Retrieved from

Additionally, I have to share with you what I noticed in the process of referencing Sakamoto’s (2012) article before filing it away yesterday (yes I admit, I had printed out a hard copy!). I looked to the URL written at the top of the page, and the date that accompanied it, before scrambling back online to find again the original source. The light bulb clicked. Sakamoto (2012) hadn’t written an article perse, she had written a blog. And where was this blog posted? On her Personal Learning Network. There you go, I’m dabbling in blogs without even realising it. A new door in my learning journey has officially opened. I am a networked student!

As a consequence, I am keen to continue expanding my PLN, perhaps through Twitter. I have been turned off it in the past simply because I felt as though I had nothing to contribute, or tweet, that was worth anyone following. My current thinking after delving into the world of blogs is that I will never know unless I take the first step and sign up! Any thoughts, tips or tricks relating to the world Twitter are very welcomed!

Sakamoto. B. H. (2012, January 3). What is a PLN, anyway? Message posted to


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